Pipe Cloth Rack
Product No : Pipe-Cloth-Rack
Product Name : Pipe Cloth Rack
Product Character

Single Pipe Cloth Pole Hanger, Portable Rack, Cloth Drying Stand, Metal Display Garment Rack with Wheels, Pipe Cloth Rack

Material: Metal

Surface Finished: Powder Coating

Assembled Size: 1238mm × 567mm × 1257mm

Place of Origin: 100% Made in Taiwan

Package: 1set/clear bag/boxed packaging

Application: For shop display, commercial euipment, bedroom garment rack and cloth drying hanger. 


1. It's easy DIY assembled and moveable. 

2. Portable function with weels.

3. Solid construction with stable standing. 

4. Good quality with fine treatment.  

5. Any customization is available.





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