Magnetic Metal Memo Box, Tissue Memo Holder
Product No : MB-01
Product Name : Magnetic Metal Memo Box, Tissue Memo Holder
Product Character

Magnetic Metal Memo Tissue Holder, Scratchpad Box, Memo Holder, Tissue Note Pad, Gift Memo Scratching Box, Magnetic Memo Pad

Product Size:L7.5cm x W8cm x H2.3cm  

Material: Stainless Steel    

Finished: Brushed Hair Processing  

Product Content: The box only, without Post It memo    

Orignal of Place: 100% Made in Taiwan    

Package:1pc/clear PP box/opp bag



1. Used for office, gift or refrigerator memo sticker.

2. Heavy duty for its good quality for keeping the box stay if scratched out the memo paper.

3. The memo box with magnet on back side, you can stick where you like. 

4. It's not easy to get soiled because of its metal material.

5. The magnetic metal memo box was designed by ourselves, any customization is available. 

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